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Leadership Development Program

Today’s front line leaders need skills to engage their people, involve everyone in continuous improvement and innovation, coach their employees and create an agile and committed workforce in order to achieve their business goals. 

This course helps participants develop the skills to create a high performance culture and LEAN thinking. 



Tell us more about your experience with the leadership development program. Any insights you can share specific to the mentorship component?
We had a number of our leadership team participate in CME's Leadership Development program and it was received very well by the participants and mentors. The program was filled with very useful and simple to use leadership tools. Participants liked the flow of the course and follow-up by the instructor. One of my favorite components of the program was the mentorship aspect. The program had a very defined process for following up with participants and ensuring they were utilizing the new tools they had learned in the program. 

All of us have participated in a learning event where we were very excited about what we learned and then soon forgot about it the instant we got back to work and were caught up in the day to day business. The mentorship element of this program allows organizations to fully leverage what participants have learned.
-Todd LeRoy, Vice President of Manufacturing, Loewen

What lessons have you already incorporated into your work? 
For me, I incorporated the idea of Leader Standard Work (LSW). I scheduled weekly meetings and LEAN training sessions with my team. I improved the FPG score to 94 in a short period of time.... 
-Romualdo Lacanlale, Paint Technical Supervisor, Masterbrand Cabinets Inc.

Would you recommend this training to others? 
I would absolutely recommend this training to others. We are committed to sending other leaders to this course in the future. The combination of a mentor from our company, along with access to coaching from the course facilitator, is very beneficial. Having 'skin in the game' by both the mentor and mentee is something unique and very positive about this training. 
-Ed Martin, VP Operations, Custom Castings

What do you think the overall benefit to / impact on your company will be as a result of this course?
We believe we will see reduced turnover as a result of specific job-related courses for our staff. In the long run, this will definitely have a positive impact on our business, as new employees require specialized training for manufacturing ourproducts. 

In the plant as a whole, the morale has been higher since our supervisors have taken the leadership course. There is more interest in learning about production methods and sharing that learning with others.
-Aynsley Dueck, Marketing Manager, Duxton Windows & Doors


Download the Leadership Development Program brochure.



Please note that employers enrolling employees in the program are eligible for reimbursement of two-thirds of an individual’s costs up to $15,000 under the Canada-Manitoba Job Grant.  Job grant applications take time to process, so it is recommended you contact your Labor Market Services branch as soon as possible at #1-866-332-5077 or visit the website at



Cost: $2,750.00 for Non-members, $2,350.00 for Members.



Fall 2018 Program (Winnipeg) (classes run 8:30 am - 4:30 pm)
Oct 23, Nov 13, Nov 14

Fall 2018 Southern Manitoba Program (Winkler) (classes run 8:30 am - 4:30 pm)
Oct 18, Nov 7, Nov 27, Nov 28


Winter 2019 Program - Winnipeg (classes run 8:30 am - 4:30 pm)
Jan 17, Jan 22, Jan 23, Feb 12, Mar 13, Apr 2, Apr 3

Spring 2019 Program - Winnipeg (classes run 8:30 am - 4:30 pm)
Apr 4, Apr 9, Apr 10, Apr 30, May 22, Jun 11, Jun 12

Spring 2019 Southern Manitoba Program (classes run 8:30 am - 4:30 pm)
Apr 11, Apr 23, Apr 24, May 16, Jun 4, Jun 26, Jun 27

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