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CME Manitoba, with support from SAFE Work Manitoba, established Made Safe as an industry-driven manufacturing safety association to provide relevant safety and health services targeted to the needs of the manufacturing work environment. Made Safe makes it easier for employers and workers to ensure workplaces are safe and productive, which will further assist in reducing WCB costs for employers. 

On January 1, Made Safe assumed the resources, programs and staff of its predecessor, AMC Safety. Made Safe has been working diligently to enhance services and expand resources and support to all segments of the manufacturing community ever since.

Led by a safety council that includes representatives from various manufacturing sectors, Made Safe services include workplace safety training, information, resources and on-site consulting services. It also includes a safety certification program, so that companies with sound safety programs can receive recognition and financial incentives from SAFE Work. 

The program is funded through a levy on the manufacturing rate codes (WCB), with each employer paying a small levy over and above their WCB premium, beginning January 1, 2017. The levy is estimated at 6 per cent of the employer’s current assessment rate.  

In return for the levy; information, resources, training, safety equipment and consulting services are offered to member manufacturers at little to no cost. As well, once a company achieves safety certification, it would be eligible for an estimated 10 per cent discount - more than offsetting the cost of the levy (Made Safe members only).

A solid safety program not only keeps workers safe, it further reduces business costs with improved productivity, reduced waste and opportunities for further reductions in WCB premiums as experience improves both for the individual firm as well as the overall manufacturing sector. Reducing from the average to the lowest rate in the industry provides an opportunity for savings on WCB premiums of over 30 per cent. 

Industry support is needed for this industry based program to proceed. In order to qualify for membership in Made Safe, employers that represent 50 per cent or more of the payroll in a rate code (or group of rate codes) must confirm support.

If you have not yet done so, please read CME’s letter of encouragement and confirm your support by returning this letter of support to Safe Work. This is your opportunity to take advantage of an industry-based safety association providing professional safety services and reduction of your WCB costs overall.

Any questions can be directed to:



Once a rate code surpasses the threshold for support, membership is automatically granted to all companies within that rate code. Benefits include:

  •  CSA Standards and training
    Access to 30+ safety courses that meet or exceed workplace legislation and applicable CSA standards. Instructors with manufacturing backgrounds are also trained in ergonomics, audits and professional level services. Classes are available regionally or can be delivered at your site.
  • Industry input
    The program is led by a Safety Council including manufacturing executives, safety professionals and worker from across various manufacturing sectors.
  • Member services
    Noise level testing, ergonomics, inspections, audits and more. Many members find they now receive services previously accessed on a fee-for-use basis at no extra cost – resulting in immediate cost savings!
  • Audits and certification
    Made Safe is a Safe Work certifying partner. In the coming months, a new certification standard will be released. Made Safe will work with member companies to help assess their current readiness and provide the service and support to meet this new standard. Upon certification, members will be eligible for a ten per cent reduction in WCB fees, which more than offsets the membership levy. Membership pays for itself!
  • And more!
    For a comprehensive and personalized list of how Made Safe membership can benefit your company specifically, please contact Neal Curry, Executive Director.

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1.      Will this program mean more regulations or rules for the industry?

No. Regulations and regulatory enforcement are the responsibility of Workplace Safety & Health, of the Department of Labour. Made Safe will provide information and assistance to help employers comply with the regulations that have been established. Made Safe doesn’t change the regulations; rather, it helps employers to effectively apply them.

2.      How will my WCB rate be affected?

An additional six per cent levy would be added to whatever you would otherwise pay, with a proposed start date of January 1, 2017. If a company successfully implements more safety measures and improves its safety record, it may see premiums go down over time. In addition, once you achieve safety certification, you’ll benefit from a financial incentive (rebate or discount), currently estimated at 10 per cent of WCB premiums.

3.      Is this just a way for the WCB to make more money?

No. The money collected through the levy is returned to fund the safety program.

4.      What will the programs and services cost?

Many services will be available at no additional cost for members. Some services, like testing services or more intensive on-site support, may involve a fee on a cost-recovery basis. The industry-led safety council sets all program and service fees based on industry needs and priorities.

Companies belonging to rate groups that have yet to meet the threshold may still be able to access the program on a higher fee for service basis. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to spread the word among peers in your rate group to express their support for Made Safe. The sooner the participation threshold is reached; the sooner you can access benefits at no additional cost.

5.       What role will CME MB have?

As the voice of manufacturing in Manitoba, CME administers Made Safe. CME is responsible for the contract with the WCB / SAFE Work and provides the administrative structure and oversight for the program. By sharing and leveraging resources, CME and Made Safe can offer the best of both worlds.

6.      What is the role of the safety council

The safety council, made up of representatives from across the sub-groups in manufacturing, provides direction to the program and ensures an ongoing close connection to the industry. The council determines the programs and services to be offered, identifies priorities and allocates the program budget. Made Safe is industry led.

Made Safe Safety Council Members

  • Ed Martin, Vice President Operations, Custom Castings – Chair
  • John Unwin, Worker Co-Chair, Winpak
  • Gary Glowa, President, Inkster Park Millwork
  • Kent Davis, Safety Manager, New Flyer
  • Darren Henaire, Plant Manager, Ancast
  • Geoff Ingalls, Safety Manager, Décor
  • Len Cockriell, Safety Manager, Price Industries
  • Robert Tetreault, Safety Manager, Standard Aero
  • Henry Klassen, Vice President, Operations, Beemaid
  • Warren Clark, Safety Manager, BEHLEN
  • Tom Kelso, Senior Manager, Quality Assurance and Employee Health and Safety, Boeing
  • *Ron Koslowsky, Vice President, CME
  • *Neal Curry, Executive Director, Made Safe
  • *Dani Desautels, Program Manager, Made Safe
  • *Dave Kramer, Portfolio Manager, Safe Work Manitoba

7.      Is this program just for CME Manitoba members?

No. It’s for all employers in the covered rate codes (sub-sectors of Manufacturing identified by WCB). 

8.      Will I be forced to pay the levy?

If enough employers within a sub sector (rate code) agree to support the safety program, all employers within the rate code will be required to pay the levy.

9.     What are the rate codes?  Where do I fit?

You can see current rate codes here: WCB rate codes for manufacturing. For more information about your WCB account, visit the WCB website at or call 1-855-954-4321.

10.     What is this safety certification all about?

There are a few safety certification programs that already exist. Currently, only employers that have received COR certification in the construction industry are eligible for discounts on WCB premiums. 

SAFE Work’s certification program will form the basis for certification programs for employers in all industries. From there, industry-based safety programs (like Made Safe’s) will be customized to their industry. 

Made Safe’s certification program is voluntary. It provides a reasonable standard for effective safety programs, and an audit process to confirm a company meets the standard. It includes standards for hazard assessment and control, leadership commitment, and employee understanding and involvement in the company’s safety program. It’s based on and intended to help ensure compliance with the Workplace safety and Health Act and applicable regulations.  

Adaptations will ensure certification is reasonably accessible to businesses of all sizes, including smaller ones.  And of course, Made Safe will offer comprehensive training, tools and templates, and other services to help companies meet the standard.

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