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Innovation Engineering
Operating System Overview

Project Wave - The Reliable Way to Grow an Innovation Success Culture

Innovation Engineering Management System is a methodical, step-by-step approach, to creating innovation solutions to very Important Problems or Opportunities (VIP/VIO)It starts with a Waved Approach. A team of four to six volunteers from your company spend two to four hours a week for three months as part of the project team. The Wave is led by a certified Innovation Engineering Black Belt® with active engagement and coaching from the company leader. The Wave often starts with three weeks of two-hour Innovation Engineering training events where the volunteers learn the new mindset on how to CREATE, COMMUNICATE AND COMMERCIALIZE Meaningfully Unique ideas. The fourth week is a full day CREATE session where the team applies what they’ve learned on existing and/or fresh ideas for profitable growth. Projects are accelerated with eight weeks of Fail FAST, Fail CHEAP coaching using a private project portal. At the end of the project, the team presents their solution and recommendations to the Executive Leadership.

Additional Waves of small teams working on projects for new processes, new products, new services and new methods of operation can be utilized to address other issues or opportunities. With continued waves of success - through a combination of both ideas that go forward successfully AND ideas that are quickly and smartly “killed” - leadership and organizational confidence in the new innovation mindset grows.

At this point, Leaders have the choice of a) continuing to commission additional waves of projects to grow sales and profits plus employee confidence in innovation or b) commit to developing sustainable internal innovation capability through Innovation Engineering Black Belt Certification.

The Key – Meaningful Unique

The “equation” for Innovation Engineering as shown, extrapolates stimulus by leveraging diversity, then drives out fear or uncertainty with the following tool sets.

CREATE: learn the new mindset that creates a 6x increase in the number of high quality ideas versus classic “brainstorming.”  It features a special focus on how to maximize learning from customer insights, marketplace benchmarking, technology and future mining and how to leverage a collaboration mindset to create an exponential increase in effectiveness when accelerating Meaningfully Unique ideas. 

COMMUNICATE: transform how you look at innovation projects. It’s a thinking approach that doubles your odds of success by turning sales and marketing into a customer pull system.  It also provides a simple way for defining ideas so that everyone - from front line worker to the CEO - can speak the same language. 

COMMERCIALIZE:  transformation in how to reduce innovation risk.   Instead of attempting to “plan, study and study away risk” you learn the new Fail FAST Fail CHEAP™ approach.  It’s a modern and accelerated version of the classic Deming learning cycle of “Plan, Do, Study, Act” applied to innovation. 

STIMULUS MINING:  experience an overview of the 4 types of stimulus mining, and then participate in stimulus mining and post to a real Request for Advice for an upcoming CREATE Session. 

Individual ASSIGNMENTS:  3 short individual assignments are then completed by the team member candidate and graded by an Innovation Engineering Black Belt.

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