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Local MB food manufacturers headed to the Oscars!
February 21, 2017
Local GORP Bars & Gourmet Inspirations from the “Heart of Manitoba” are headed to the Oscars! The Great GORP Project’s Colleen Dyck, the creato

Working with the reluctantly safe
February 08, 2017
By Neal Curry, Executive Director, Made Safe In the course of providing safety services for hundreds, if not thousands of companies; I’ve seen the

Prairie Manufacturer - Made in Manitoba edition
February 08, 2017
The upcoming Spring 2017 issue of Prairie Manufacturer Magazine shines a spotlight on Western Canada’s hottest manufacturing market: Manitoba. Prair

Ergonomics. A pain in the neck?
February 08, 2017
Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSIs), such as carpal tunnel or herniated disks, are injuries and disorders that affect the body’s movement. It’s stagg

Lessons from Jacque Plante: making Personal Protective Equipment exciting
February 08, 2017
When using any sort of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), our safety advisors are often reminded of their days playing hockey. It was always excitin

Beware the tiger: an evolution of safety
February 08, 2017
  Safety rules are a nuisance. They restrict us from doing what we want to do when we want to do it. You would think the person who wrote safety rul

Dare to Compete – breakout session recommendations for safety professionals
February 08, 2017
Human rights versus safety: how far does accommodation have to go? CME and Made Safe ask the tough questions to deliver the information and insights

Problem solving success stories: ninth annual Manitoba Kaizen Conference
February 08, 2017
By Ian Marshall, LEAN Champion, Chair 2018 Canadian LEAN Conference What is a problem? A problem is a ‘gap’ between the current state and the des

Common Sense: the Mythical Beast
February 08, 2017
In the past, when accidents and injuries were accepted as a cost of doing business, there was a mythical beast that was called “common sense”. Thi

Thoughts from the C-suite: keep your cool
February 08, 2017
By Kevin Lusk, CME Advanced Manufacturing & Senior Executive Leadership Champion By the time you read this, a new US administration will have been in

Military deal guarantees StandardAero jobs
February 03, 2017
This article appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press on  February 3, 2017 OTTAWA — Winnipeg’s Standard­Aero facility will get a four-year, $45-mill

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