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Hands off, time off

Published by CME Manitoba on June 19, 2017

By Paul Wiens, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Encore FX

By the time you read this article, my wife and I will be celebrating the birth of our second child. While I’m away from work, I will do my best to be away. Totally away. Removed from the daily inquiries, and not because I don’t want to help my team, my partners, or my business. But because I believe.

I believe in our team. Many of us, especially if we’re owners, or senior managers, or we just like to check our work email all day long on the beach, are reticent to take the time necessary to recharge. Curiously, this directly effects our ability to be creative in our roles, think outside the box, and generally work on our business (rather than in our business), which will directly impact the path of our business moving forward.

And that is my point. If you’ve hired well, you have the ability to trust your team, whether they are working on the business, in the business, or as a trusted third party provider. This is where we continually help partners in manufacturing beyond the day to day. As a third party provider, many businesses trust us implicitly, as a member of their team, to partner and plan with them. If they want to go on vacation? No problem, we have you covered. Need to concentrate on other areas of the business? Great, we’ll make sure you never have to worry about currency again.

Here are my top three tips for any executive, VP or manager who wants to disengage while on vacation:

Checking email: don’t. Have your email redirected, and leave your notifications off. Email is someone else delegating a task to YOU, and asking of your time. You can trust your team by delegating all those tasks to them. Turn it all off. 

Fielding phone calls: leave an out of office alert that gives the caller specific instructions of whom to call. Tell your team that, in case of emergencies, they should double call your cell. Most smart phones have an option in your settings profile that will ensure a second call from the same number can ring out loud.

Read, write, and relax: once we are comfortable with our ability to turn off, part of our growth strategy should include working on ourselves. Reading, writing and relaxing gives us time to reflect on and clarify our thoughts. My greatest growth and clarity comes on vacation through this strategy – I would encourage you to at least give it a try.

Mind your business, enjoy your vacation, and trust your people.

About the author

Paul Wiens is the Strategic Partnership Manager for Encore FX, providing the most tailored access to Foreign Exchange Services possible for various sized companies. From spot transactions and payments to long-term risk management strategies, we have creative solutions tailored to your business needs. Achieve more with EncoreFX.

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