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Government of Manitoba acts on CME recommendations to streamline service for manufacturers

Published by CME Manitoba on September 08, 2017

In order to compete, Manitoba manufacturers must not only improve productivity in line with other jurisdictions in Canada, but globally as well. Last fall, CME worked diligently on behalf of manufacturers to identify and present recommendations to the Government of Manitoba, the department of Growth, Enterprise and Trade and the Office of the Fire Commissioner on challenges that manufacturers experience as they install equipment or buildings. 

Recently, we me again with Acting Deputy Minister for GET, Dave Dyson, to review progress on CME’s recommendations.

We are pleased to report that the government has not only reviewed the CME recommendations as a whole, but has taken strides to address each recommendation in a number of specific ways. At the time of our initial meeting, the province had already set in motion plans to address government responsiveness to business. CME’s recommendations aligned well with the new government’s view of a Manitoba that is open for business. Moreover, our partners in government felt the CME report was a particularly useful guide to streamline regulations and processes faced by manufacturers. Real-world examples from the manufacturing community provided context and illustration to higher-level concepts, which has helped government take actionable steps in the right direction.

CME provided nine key recommendations:

  • Review of regulations and requirements to ensure they are needed, are in line with other jurisdictions and are as clear and simple as possible.
  • Harmonization of standards
  • Resource Guide for manufacturers
  • Clear Communication with manufacturers
  • Distinguishing projects based on level of risk or complexity
  • Acceptance of Third Party Technical Expertise
  • Coordination and cooperation between OFC and Hydro (and City of Winnipeg where applicable)
  • Appeal Process
  • Service Standards of the department


Growth, Enterprise and Trade and the Office of the Fire Commissioner provided CME with a comprehensive report-out to follow up on each of the above recommendations. Overhauling barriers to growth is be a long-term effort that involves policies and culture, but progress to date has been encouraging. In particular, CME was impressed by:

  • A movement across the country, and at home in Manitoba, to harmonize standards nationally as it relates to safety in equipment installations;
  • A commitment to distinguish projects by level of risk and to provide written clarity in advance during the project planning phase. Manufacturers need to help the OFC by communicating plans with sufficient advanced notice and working in partnership. In return, the OFC has committed to provide manufacturers with not only access to their inspector, but also to a program manager to whom you can request additional information, guidance and clarification. Manufacturers also have the right to request an informal review of an order by a program manager; representing a cultural change from a policing approach to an advisory and support service.
  • Strong efforts to review inter-agency issues (e.g. working with third party inspectors and other municipalities and/or Manitoba Hydro). Ongoing dialogue has started and progress is positive. 
  • The implementation of KPIs to set and track progress on service standards.
  • The government’s commitment to remove two regulations for every new regulation that comes into effect. 


For more information on this initiative, please email We also encourage you to keep CME top of mind as a resource to address other issues related to your manufacturing operation. This is one example of how your association can address issues that are difficult for a single company to tackle. We’re here to help manufacturers grow.

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