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Member spotlight: Brunswick Steel

Published by CME Manitoba on April 07, 2017

Brunswick Steel specializes in producing high-quality manufactured components quickly, efficiently and affordably. You can count on Brunswick to produce components to the highest standards, every time.

CME connected with president Justin Copp, on leadership, growth and success.

You’re involved with CME services as an executive, but also at a company level. Can you tell us more about what programs/supports you engage in and what motivated you to reach out?

Initially when I reached out to CME, it was to learn how to implement LEAN philosophies on the shop floor.  While this has proven important, it is only a piece of what the CME had to offer. In time, we have also become active members of the MCOE Consortia and the MEC monthly meetings. The MCOE allows our staff to share ideas and learn from other manufacturers as we work towards building an environment of continuous improvement. I attend monthly MEC meetings with other manufacturing business leaders where we can share ideas & challenges in a confidential environment.

You’ve mentioned that over time, you’ve evolved as a leader. You’ve accelerated your journey and have begun more actively seeking out advice/opportunities, especially as it relates to participation in the MEC groups, etc. Is there a piece of advice that you would give younger leaders out there who are perhaps where you were on your journey ten, or 15 years ago?

Ask questions! In the past I was much more shy when it came to asking questions. As I’ve matured as a business owner and leader, I’ve realized that it’s okay if you don’t know all the answers. I’m now asking more and more questions all the time and because of that I am accelerating my learning and growth as a person and entrepreneur.

Is there an example of a time when you were able to solve a particularly challenging business issue or take advantage of an opportunity as a result of your involvement with CME?

The peer sharing at the MEC meetings have been invaluable. The biggest benefit has been learning from other people’s challenges or with them sharing similar experiences to my business challenge.

You’ve been an attendee of past Dare to Compete conferences, as well as more recent events like Trade Summit and the Southern Manitoba Manufacturers Summit. What’s your biggest takeaway from events like these? What keeps you coming back, despite a demanding schedule?


The networking has been excellent and the speakers are always excellent.

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