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Member spotlight: Tempeff North America

Published by CME Manitoba on January 12, 2017

Tempeff North America is turning up the heat on energy recovery. Building on strengths in technology and sustainability, Tempeff offers high quality energy recovery equipment with the highest efficiency available. Tempeff is continually innovating, striving every day to ensure that customers are getting the best value possible.

As business booms, Tempeff recently joined forces with CME to help accelerate their continuous improvement journey; among other member benefits. Tom Todoruk, National Sales Manager, shares more of the Tempeff story in this month’s member spotlight.

Tempeff is a newer CME Manitoba member. Can you tell us what programs and services you’ve taken advantage of so far and about your experience to date?  Are there any areas where you feel like you’ve benefitted more than others – and why?

Tempeff utilized the guidance of Ian Marshall, LEAN Champion, to guide our team making significant improvements to the work flow in our assembly, plasma and foam work areas. Additionally, Tempeff has had three team members graduate from the LEAN Level I (Yellow Belt) and one team member graduate from the LEAN Level II (Green Belt) program. All four of these team members have applied their knowledge through completing their homework assignments as well as making additional improvements since. 


LEAN and productivity area key to growth and success; especially in a competitive global marketplace. Can you tell us more about your LEAN journey?

Tempeff has always used LEAN fundamentals throughout its manufacturing operations. Corporately we have mandated LEAN across the organization, training key personnel as well as hiring a dedicated LEAN Black Belt, Cory Rosolowich to lead the movement. Our focus includes the standard LEAN tools but more importantly creating a learning environment where continuous improvement occurs organically from within the entire organization. 


You’ve recently brought on LEAN Greenbelts and sent other employees through several LEAN courses. What do you think the impact has been in the few months since you’ve began to accelerate your LEAN journey? From management’s perspective? What about your employees? 

The immediate impact has been the change in the belt-trained participants where they have taken ownership of their respective work areas and are challenging the status quo processes. Significant other changes have occurred through the implementation of the homework and as a host for the Green Belt program. Since the projects first started, the interest level from non-participants has significantly increased. An in-house project is planned and there are team members from each department looking to be a part of the process. 


Manitoba is a special place to do business. Can you help put into words what you like best about the business climate, especially as it relates to manufacturing, here in our province?

Our focus is both national and international as a result we have had the opportunity to experience business climates all over North America. What is so unique about Manitoba is how quickly Manitobans adapt to change and the willingness to support new ideas. This ability allows manufactures to respond quickly to the ever changing landscape, keeping us relevant and competitive.


Are you planning on submitting a team for the Kaizen Conference on February 15 this year? If not, will you be encouraging your employees to attend as observers and why/why not?

Yes, we are going to challenge ourselves to perform at the Kaizen Conference. Our team is excited to be a part of the Kaizen process and most importantly, looking forward to improve their work process. 





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