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CME to consult on Efficiency Manitoba, a new provincial Crown corporation

Published by CME Manitoba on April 07, 2017

The Manitoba government is introducing new legislation that would establish the framework for a new, stand-alone Crown corporation outside of Manitoba Hydro to deliver demand-side management (DSM) initiatives promoting energy efficiency and conservation that would help Manitoba households and businesses reduce their energy needs and save money both now and into the future.

The proposed agency would be known as Efficiency Manitoba and would be managed by a board of directors with support from a stakeholder advisory committee. The agency would deliver a range of efficiency programs beginning with gas and electric energy, with possible long-term expansions into areas such as water and transportation programs. The proposed transition from Manitoba Hydro to Efficiency Manitoba is estimated to take one year.

Efficiency Manitoba would promote the efficient use of energy and develop and implement programs and services to help consumers reduce energy consumption and lower the cost to their households and businesses. In addition, its mandate would include a focus on reducing the effects of energy use on the environment including reducing greenhouse-gas emissions as part of the province’s forthcoming climate and green plan.

The new legislation also includes annual energy savings targets of 1.5 per cent of annual domestic electricity demand and 0.75 per cent of annual domestic natural gas demand over 15 years.

The Public Utilities Board (PUB) would also review three-year plans prepared by Efficiency Manitoba.  These plans would include programs and services proposed to meet legislated energy savings targets, the associated costs, the involvement and consultation of stakeholders, as well as the corporation’s administration/overhead costs calculated as a percentage of its overall budget.

Following this review, the PUB would recommend for, or against, the approval of the plans and would make publicly available the results of third-party evaluations of energy savings achieved.  The board would also be able to make recommendations regarding improvements to government programs as well as suggested modifications to legislated energy saving targets.

CME has been asked by the government to provide input into the roll out of the new Crown including potential board as well as stakeholder advisory committee candidates.

The new Crown Corporation would also be looking for private sector involvement in putting forward initiatives that would conserve energy. CME would be in a good position to deliver energy conservation programs and services to the manufacturing community. These would include building on our LEAN / Green training to eliminate energy waste as well as using our network to deliver awareness sessions about energy efficiencies, sustainability initiatives that support cleaner, less energy-intensive manufacturing and new product development, etc. While there is still much to be determined as the project is in its very early stages, CME will represent manufacturing interests.




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